Evan Skoczenski is an editorial lifestyle and nature photographer who grew up in the Pacific Northwest in a small college town of Bellingham, Washington. Skoczenski has always had a fascination with photography and often would leave in the early hours of the morning to get the perfect light for his visual imagery. His work shows someone who will go to great lengths traveling by car, or hiking to set up and capture the perfect image. His car often becomes the perfect way to travel the terrain and once the seats are folded down the ultimate hotel to observe the beauty of nature and what it beholds. In September of 2015, Skoczenski left what he knew so well and decided to join Brooks Institute in Ventura, California moving his life and passion for photography to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Professional Photography. While living in California for some time now he has found a passion for shooting the surfing culture as well as the many National Parks that California. He often will Drive many miles and hours to get that one image that encapsulates the place he is trying to show through his lens. Skoczenski is open for hire in the greater Southern California region with a particular focus in the Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.